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Breidablik Sports Club was founded in Kopavogur on February 12th, 1950. Initially Breidablik was a general sports club with no special division between the activities. The football division was established in 1957 as well as other divisions such as track & field, handball, chess and more. Breidablik has grown to be Iceland’s largest Sports Club with 12 different divisions.  


- History of the Breidablik Football Division

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Breidablik Sports Club was founded in Kopavogur, Iceland in the year 1950. In the beginning Breidablik was a general sports club with no special division between the different activities. In 1957 the football (soccer) division was established. When Breidablik was founded, Kopavogur was a small village at the outskirts of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. Inhabitants were only just over 1.500. Now over 70 years later close to 40 thousand people live in Kopavogur and the town is the second largest one in Iceland. And Breidablik has grown from its humble origins to becoming the largest sports club in Iceland, with well over 3.000 members in 12 different divisions of which the Football Division is the largest.

The name Breidablik comes from Norse mythology, where it was the home of Baldur. The nickname Blikar is formed from the second part of that name, meaning splendors or twinkles (like a star). The singular form Bliki is also a name for male ducks. The old nickname UBK (Youth Club Breidablik Kopavogur) was dropped more than 15 years ago. The followers of Breidablik like to be called ,,Blikar” !

In the early years Breidablik did not have much success on the football pitch. The club played mostly friendly matches and participated in local and regional tournaments. In 1957 Breidablik‘s mens team entered the Icelandic football league for the first time. After some unsuccessful attempts Breidablik finally won the 2nd division in Iceland and played among the best in 1971. The club went all the way to the Cup final that year but lost the decisive game.

Facts about Breidablik:

- Breiðablik is the biggest sports club in Iceland. Located in Kópavogur - near Reykjavík the capital - a community of 39.000 inhabitants.

- We have 1.500 members in our football section. 18% of all games under the umbrella of the KSÍ - the Football Federation of Iceland have Breiðablik as participant.

- We are known for our work with special emphasis on juniors and women’s football.


Pre season cup: (4 games) - Results

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn) - Group 2 

Super Cup: Meistarkeppnin - Result

Main season: Premier League (Besta Deildin) - On going

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - On going

Europa Conference Leauge: 1st qualifying round 7 & 14 July: UE Santa Coloma

Post season: BOSE Cup 2022 - pendig

All games & players 2022




Pre season cup: (4 games) - Winners.

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn). Won 5 games in group nd one game in the quarter-finals before tournament was canceled due to Covid-19.

Main season: Premier League (Pepsi Max Deild) - Runners-up.

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - Entered in games of 32. Lost in first round.

Europa Conference Leauge: 1st qualifying round: Racing Union. 2nd qualifying round: Austria Wien. 3rd qualifying round: Aberdeen FC.

Post season: BOSE Cup. (3 games) - Winners.

All games & players 2021

Full report 2021 (in Icelandic).




Pre season cup: (4 games) - Won 3 games in group. Then Runners-up.

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn) - Won 4 games before tournament canceled due to Covid-19.

Main season: Premier League (Pepsi Max Deild) - 4th place after 18 games out of 22. PL cancled October 30th due to Covid-19.

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - Entered in games of 32. Lost in quarter finals. 

Europa Leauge: - 1st qualifying round: Rosenborg BK.

Post season: BOSE Cup - Canceled due to Covid-19.

All games & players 2020

Full report 2020 (in Icelandic).




Pre season cup: (4 games) - Won group. Then winners.

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn) - Won 3 games in group. 

Main season: Premier League (Pepsi Max Deild) - Runners-up

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - Entered in games of 32. Lost in semi finals. 

Europa Leauge: - 1st qualifying round: FC Vaduz. Home. Away.

Post season: BOSE Cup - (3 games). Runners-up

All games & players 2019

Full report 2019 (in Icelandic).



Pre season cup: 3 games in group 3rd place

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn) - 5 games in group. 

Main season: Premier League (Pepsi Max Deild) - Runners-up

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - Entered in games of 32. Lost in final

Post season: BOSE Cup - (3 games). Runners-up

All games & players 2018

Full report 2018 (in Icelandic).

Transfers and season overview 2018




Pre season cup: 3 games in group 6th place

Pre season cup: Deildabikarinn (Lengjubikarinn) - 5 games in group. Lost in quarter-finals 

Main season: Premier League (Pepsi Max Deild) - 6th place

Main season: FA Cup (Bikarkeppni KSÍ) - Entered in games of 32. Lost

Post season: BOSE Cup - (3 games). Won

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Full report 2017 (in Icelandic).

Transfers and season overview 2017



Pre season: Midfielder Guðjón Pétur Lýðsson signed a contract with Valur. Hermann Armannsson signed a contract with Hamar. Olger Sigurgeirsson decided to contunue playing and moved to Husavik to play for Völsungur. Midfielder Arnþór Ari Atlason extended his contract by 3 years. In February Brazilian midfielder Daniel Bamberg signed with Breiðablik.

These contracted players are on loan with lower division teams during the 2016 season: Arnór Gauti Ragnarsson (Selfoss), Gunnlaugur Hlynur Birgisson (Fram), Ósvald Jarl Traustason (Fram), Ernir Bjarnason (Vestri), Hlynur Orn Hlodversson (Grindavik). Aron Snær Fridriksson was on a one month loan (April 16 - May 16) with Tindastoll and Gisli Eyjolfsson was loaned to Vikingur Olafsvik shortly before the transfer winow closing in Iceland closed.

Preparations for the 2016 season were on schedule. In January the team participated in the "Fotbolti.Net League” – a pre-season tournament for teams situated outside the City of Reykjavík. The team won one game (Vikingur O) but lost three games (IBV, Stjarnan, FH). Breidablik has won the tournament  three times in 6 years. Breidablik also participated in the main pre-season tournament Deildarbikar KSÍ (aka. Lengjubikarinn), a tournament organized by the Icelandic Football Association. The team played six games in Lengjubikarinn and won three games (KA, Fjardarbyggð, Selfoss), made one draw (Víkingir Ó) and lost two games (Fylkir, Valur). Breidabilk has won the tournament two times in the last 4 years.

Main season: The 2016 season (PEPSI-deildin) started with a loss to Víkingur Ólafsvík at home followed by two strong wins against Fylkir and Víkingur Reykjavik. A surpricing loss against Þróttur Reykjavik was followed by two crucial wins against KR and Stjarnan - placing Breidablik at top of the table with 12 points after 6 games. A disappointing loss at home to FH followed by a very strong away win against ÍBV placed the team in third place with 15 points, 2 points from the top after 8 games. A 0-0 draw against Valur at home and a 0-1 loss to ÍA also at home, was followed by two very strong away wins against Fjölnir (0-3) and Víkingur Ó (0-2). The first match in August was a disappointing 1-1 draw against Fylkir at home. That game was followed by a very disappointing 1-3 away loss to Vikingur R. In middle of August the team is back on track with a confident 2-0 win against Þróttur R followed by a very un lucky away 1-1 draw against KR. The team finished August with a strong 2-1 home win against Stjarnan. The first game in September was a 1-1 away draw against FH followed by very good 0-3 away win against Valur. The last 3 games of the season, ÍBV, ÍA, and Fjölnir, yielded only one point for Breidablik resulting in a disappointing 6 th place finish with 35 points. 

FA Cup: Breidablik made it into the quarter finals in Borgunarbikarinn. The team played ÍBV at home 3 July but lost 2:3 after leading 2-0 eraly in the second half. 

UEFA Europa League: Breidablik participated in the 2016/2017 UEFA Europa League (Evrópudeild). Draw for the first and second qualifying round was done in Nyon June 20. Breidablik played FK Jelgava from Latvia in the first qualifying round, first leg, at home on Thursday June 30 and lost 2:3. The second leg was played in Jelgava in Latvia July 7 2016. A much needed third goal from Breidablik in a 2-2 draw, to extend the game into overtime, did not materialize in spite of many opportunities and Breidablik dropped out of the competition. 

Transfer window July 2016: Breidablik signed one player in the transfer window. Striker Árni Vilhjálmsson joined Breidablik on loan from Lilleström SK in Norway. Hlynur Örn Hlöðversson returned from loan with 1. division club Grindavik. Six players were loaned to other clubs: Alexander Helgi Sigurðarson to Víkingur Ó. Aron Snær Friðriksson and Sólon Breki Leifsson to Vestri. Guðmundur Friðriksson to Þróttur R. Ólafur Hrafn Kjartansson and Óskar Jónsson to Þór Akureyri. 

Post season: In November it was confirmed that Guðmundur Atli Steinþórsson must quit playing soccer due to a heart related condition. The condition was discovered in June when the payer underwent a mandatory medical check in perpetration for the team’s participation in UEFA’s Europa League competition. Kristofer Sigurgeirsson vacates his position as assistant coach. Kristofer later signed a contract with Leiknir Reykjavik as Head Coach. Breidablik signed former players Sigurdur Vidisson and Kari Arsælsson as assistant coaches. Contract with player Ellert Hreinsson was not renewed. Contract with Arnor S. Adalsteinsson was not renewed. In early November Arnor signed a contract with KR. Damir Muminovic signed a new 3 year contract with Breidablik. These Breidablik players all signed 3 year contracts with Breidablik: Skuli E. Kristjansson SigurzAron Kari AdalsteinssonGunnar Geir BaldurssonSindri Þór IngimarssonElias Rafn OlafssonGisli Martin Sigurdsson and David Ingvarsson. And at the tail end of December it was announced that the club and player Jonathan R. Glenn had reached an agreement to end the contract.



Pre season:  Scottish defender Jordan Halsman was released from his contract. Forward Elvar Páll Sigurðsson signed a 2 year contract with Leiknir Reykjavik. Stefán Þór Pálsson signed on with Víkingur Reykjavik. Tómas Óli Garðarsson signed with Valur. Páll Olgeir Þorsteinsson signed with FC Keflavik. Gísli Páll Helgason returned to his home club Þór in Akureyri. Elfar Árni Aðalsteinsson signed a contract with KA in Akureyri. Baldvin Surluson, on loan from Stjarnan during the 2015 season, signed with Valur. Stefán Gíslason had to stop playing due to presistent injury but he stayed on with Breiðablik as one of two coaches for the junior men’s team. Kristinn Jónsson returned from FC Brommapojkarna in Sweden where he had been on loan during the 2014 season. Árni Vilhjálmsson was sold to FC Lilleström in Norway. Former captain, Kári Ársælsson, returned to Breiðablik after 3 years with other clubs in Iceland. Midfielder Atli Sigurjónsson, a former Þór Ak and KR palyer, signed a 3 year contract. Ismar Tandir, from NJ in the United States, signed a one season contract.

These players signed new and/or renewed their contracts with Breiðablik in 2015: Gunnlaugur Hlynur BirgissonHöskuldur GunnlaugssonKristinn JónssonElfar Freyr HelgasonAndri Rafn YeomanEllert HreinssonErnir BjarnasonSólon Breki LeifssonArnór Gauti RagnarssonGuðmundur FriðrikssonAlfons SampstedGísli EyjólfssonGunnleifur Gunnleifsson.

Preparations for the 2015 season were very successful. In January the team participated in the "Fotbolti.Net League” – a pre-season tournament for these teams located outside the city of Reykjavík; Stjarnan, FH, Keflavík, Haukar, Breiðablik, ÍBV, Grindavík, ÍA. Breidablik won the tournament for the third time in 5 years.

Breidablik participated in the main pre-season tournament Deildarbikar KSÍ (aka. Lengjubikarinn), a tournament organized by the Icelandic Football Association. The team played 10 games in Lengjubikarinn and once again made it all the way to the final game against KA from Akureyri. Breidabilk won the tournament for the second time in 3 years.

These contracted players are on loan with lower division teams during the 2015 season: Ósvald Jarl TraustasonErnir BjarnasonHermann Ármannsson and Hlynur Örn Hlöðversson

Main season: The 2015 season (Pepsideildin) began with 3 draws against Fylkir, KR and Keflavik, followed with wins against: Valur, ÍA, Stjarnan, Leiknir R and Víkingur. The fourth draw came against FH and the first loss was against ÍBV in Vestmannaeyjar.  Then a win against Fjölnir followed by a loss to Fylkir at home in the first match of the second half of the season. The much anticipated away game against KR ended with a 0-0 draw. Breiðablik was just short of win that would have placed the team clear in second place, 2 points behind the top team FH. The team won the next 4 games (Keflavik, Valur, ÍA, Stjarnan), followed by 2 draws (Leiknir and Víkingur) and then another 3 wins (FH, ÍBV and Fjölnir), landing the club in second place with a record 46 points, only 2 points behind the league winners FH. Click here for all 2015 games.

Transfer window July 2015: Breidablik signed 2 players in the transfer window. Jonathan Glenn joined Breidablik on loan form ÍBV. And 19 year old Tor Andre S. Assheim joined Breidablik from Haugesund FC in Norway. He returned to Haugesund late August . Two players were loaned to 1. division clubs in Iceland. Alfons Sampsted to Þor Akureyri. Gunnlaugur Hlynur Birgisson to Víkingur Ólafsvík. Isamr Tandir was released from his contract.

Post season: After 13 years (2003-2015) with Breidablik, 321 games and 30 goals Olgeir Sigurgeirsson decided to call it quits with Breidablik. Ósvald Jarl Traustason, Ernir Bjarnason, Hermann Ármannsson, Hlynur Örn Hlöðversson and Gunnlaugur Hlynur Birgisson returned form loan with lower division clubs. These players extended their contracts with Breidablik through 2018: Davíð Kristján ÓlafssonGunnlaugur Hlynur BirgissonGísli EyjólfssonViktor Örn MargeirssonDamir Muminovic. Early September Óskar Jónsson signed a 3 year contract. In October Ólafur Hrafn Kjartansson signed a 3 year contract and HK player Guðmundur Atli Steinþórsson a 2 year contract. In late November Kristinn Jonsson signed a contract with Sarpsborg 08 in Norway. In eraly December Trinidad and Tobago international, Jonathan Glenn signed a 2 year contract with Breiðablik and just before Christmas Spanish player Sergio Carrallo signed a 2 year contract.



Pre season: Scottish defender Jordan Halsman transferred from Fram and signed a one season contract. Former Breiðablik defender Arnór Sveinn Aðalsteinsson returned home from frá Hönefoss in Norway and signed a 3 year contract. Breiðablik forward Elvar Páll Sigurðsson returned from his studies in the US and signed a 3 year contract. And one of Iceland’s best player, Stefán Gíslason, moved back to Iceland after several succesful years abroad as a professional. Stefán signed a 3 year contract with Breiðablik. In May goalkeeper Aron Snær Friðriksson signed a 3 year contract. Two players left Breidablik to play with clubs in Europe; Þórður Steinar Hreiðarsson signed with FC Locamo in Switzerland, and Kristinn Jónsson plays for FC Brommapojkarna in Sweden on loan from Breidablik through the 2014 season.

Preparations for the 2014 season were successful. In January the team participated in the "Fotbolti.Net League” – a pre-season tournament for these teams located outside the city of Reykjavík; Stjarnan, FH, Keflavík, Haukar, Breiðablik, ÍBV, Grindavík, ÍA. The team made its first appearance in The Atlantic Cup in Portugal February 4-13. The team played 3 matches. The first match was a 1-1 tie against SV Mattersburg from Austria, but Breidablik won the penalty shootout and took the 2 points out of 3 possible. The second match was against FC Midjylland from Denmark. Breidablik won that match 2-1. We lost the third and final match 2-0 to FC Köbenhafn, who went on to win the tournament. The team participated in the main pre-season tournament Deildarbikar KSÍ (aka. Lengjubikarinn) a tournament organized by the Icelandic Football Association. The team played a total of 10 games in Lengjubikarinn and once again made it all the way but lost the final match to FH from Hafnarfjordur.

In late April it was announced that Breidablik’s head coach, Olafur H. Kristjansson, had accepted an offer to become head coach for Danish club FC Nordsjælland. The assistant coach Gudmundur Benediktsson was hired to take over from Olafur. Gudmundur selected Willum Thor Thorsson, a former Breidablik player, as his assistant. Olafur stayed on as head coach through June 2.

Main season: The 2014 season turned out to be full of surprises. The goal was clear. Compete for the Iceland Championship and the FA Cup. Due to pitch conditions in Kopavogur the first home game was moved to Hafnarfjordur and ended in a 1-1 draw against FH in Hafnarfjordur. The draw result was the first of 12 draws during the season and a “draw record” was broken in 2014 – a record that was not celebrated. Breidablik won 5 games and lost 5 games but the “lost points” that came with the 12 draws placed the team in 7th place with 27 points, only 3 points from a spot in the UEFA Europa League next year. In July Gunnlaugur Hlynur Birgisson retund to Breidablik after 2 years with Club Brugge. Oliver Sigurjonsson returned to Breidablik after 2 years with AGF in Denmark. Baldvin Sturluson joined Breidablik on a loan from Stjarnan and David Kristjan Olafsson signed a 3 year contract with Breidablik. 

Post season: Former Breidablik player and pro footballer, Arnar Gretarsson, signed a 3 year contract as head coach. Another former Breidablik player, Kristofer Sigurgeirsson, was hired as assistant coach. Gudmundur Benediktsson signed on with his former club KR as assistant coach. Willum Thor Thorsson has returned to his position as a member of the Icelandic Parliament. In eraly November midfielder, and former Fram and Þróttur player, Arnþór Ari Atlason signed a 3 year contract. The team's captain, Finnur Orri Margeirsson, decided not to renew his contract with Breiðabliks and signed a contract with FH Hafnarfjörður never played  for FH because of an offer from FC Lilleström in Norway which Finnur Orri accepted the last day of December 2014.



Pre season: Attacking midfielder Gudjon Petur Lydsson transferred from Valur in Reykjavik and signed a 2 year contact with Breidablik. The Duch middle defender, Renee Gerard Japp Troost, re-signed for one year, and so did the Danish striker Nichlas Rohde who to Breidablik for the second time on a loan deal from FC Nordsjælland in Denmark. And in July middle defender, Elfar Freyr Helgason, returned to Breidablik after leaving the club in 2010 to play with clubs in Geece, Norway and Denmark. Elfar signed a 2 year contract. Preparations for the 2013 season were successful. In early February the team won the so-called "Fotbolti.Net League” which is a pre-season tournament for all teams outside Reykjavík. The team also won the main pre-season tournament Deildarbikar KSÍ (Lengjubikarinn) a tournament organized by the Icelandic Football Association.

Main season: In July the team had 23 points only 3 points behind the team in top place. Some say that there is no such thing as luck in sports, but if luck is real the Breidablik team should have 3+ more points and actually be on top of the table after 11 games out of 22. The team is still in the FA Cup after 3 rounds. The team needs to win the next march to get to the final game where Breidablik has been twice before; a loss against Vikingur Reykjavik in 1971 and a win in 2009 against Fram Reykjavik.

But the team’s participation in the 2013 UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds is the big news. In the first round Breidablik beat FC Santa Coloma from Andorra 4-0 at home and drew 0-0 in Andorra. In the second round the team drew 0-0 against Sturm Graz from Austria. Breidablik went on to win the away game in Austria 0 -1. FC Aktobe form Kazakhstan was the nex topponent. Breidablik lost the away game 1-0 when FC Aktobe was awarded a questionable penalty in the 92nd minute. Breidablik won the home game 1-0 at Laugardalsvollur National Stadium, but lost the game in a penalty shootout. The conclusion was a very respectable six goals scored and one penalty goal conceived in 6 UEFA qualifying machetes.


Also the team played very important matches in Iceland during the 3 weeks of playing in the UEFA competition. Breidablik won all those games except the game needed to win to advance to the FA Cup Final. The number of matches, the long international air travels and the fact that the team simply did not get the much needed rest before the game, turned out to be major factor in losing this FA Cup semi final match to Fram. Fram went on to win the FA Cup in a penalty shootout against FC Stjarnan from Gardabær. Disappointment and loss of focus may have been contributing factors the following weeks when the team did not perform well enough to qualify for European competition in 2014. Draws against the bottom two teams Vikingur Olafsvik and IA. Loosing 1-4 at home against Fylkir and 1-2 against Fram, almost placed the much desired 3rd place out of reach. Breidablik need a win against Stjarnan to secure 3rd place. Not the first time in resent years these two teems meet in the last or second to last game of the season with a European competition on the line, games normally won by Breidablik. But not this season. Stjarnan from Garðabær won the game 3-2. Breidablik won its last game of the season against Keflavik 3-2 and ended the season in 4 place with 39 points in 22 games. 

Post season: Only two days after the last game of the season goalkeeper Arnór Bjarki Hafsteinsson signes a 3 year contract. But several players were not offered new contract and some young players decided to not sign a new contract with the club. Jökull I. Elísarbetarson and Atli Fannar Jónsson signed with ÍBV, Hrannar Einarsson signed with KR, Ósvald Jarl Traustason signed with Fram, Sindri Snær Magnússon signed with Keflavik (in Jan 2014), and Arnar Már Björgvinsson signed with Stjarnan (in Jan 2014). Sverrir Ingi Ingason was sold to Viking FK in Stavanger, Norway. Renee Troost returned to Holland (he signed Rijnsburgse Boys in Jan 2014). Niclas Rohde returned Nordsjælland (he is now playing with AB on loan). Defender Damir Muminovic transferred from Víkingi Ólafsvík and signed a 3 year contract. Breidablik players; Höskuldur GunnlaugssonHermann Ármannsson, Viktor Örn Margeirsson, Ernir BjarnasonPáll Olgeir ÞorsteinssonGísli Eyjólfsson, Guðmundur Friðriksson and Ingiberg Ólafur Jónsson, all signed a contract with the club. And just before the Holidays Season, Breiðablik player Árni Vilhjálmsson extended his contract through the year 2016.


Pre season: Preparation for the 2012 season was more upbeat than the year before. The team won the so-called "Fotbolti.Net League” which is a pre-season tournament for all teams outside Reykjavík. But again this year Breidablik has been forced to say goodbye to two very important players; the top scorer Kristinn Steindorsson who was signed by the Swedish team Halmstad and the strong midfield national player, Gudmundur Kristjansson, was initially transferred to the Norwegian team Start on a loan deal, but signed a 2 year contact with Start at the end of the year. The team was therefore once again forced to rely mostly on its own young homegrown players. Before the season striker Petar Rnkovic, from a club in Norway, and middle defender Renee Gerard Japp Troost from Holland, were signed.

Main season: The team had a very slow start due to very poor scoring. After the first 5 games the team had 4 points and 1 goal scored. Next 4 games were 3 wins and 1 draw. Then came a shocking  0-4 loss to Keflavik. The team reacted and signed 2 strikers: Ben Everson, an English footballer, transferred from the 1. Division club Tindastoll and signed a short term contract with Breidablik. Ben later signed on with York City FC in the UK. And Danish striker Nichlas Rohde came to Breidablik on a loan deal from FC Nordsjælland in Denmark. Nichlas scored 6 goals in 10 games. The team began doing much better and won some memorable victories one being a 3-4 win against Valur FC with all 4 goals scored in the last 20 minutes of the match. The 0-4 win against Reykjavik club KR (est. 1899) was for the history books, never before had KR lost that big at home. After struggling in the beginning of the 2012 season Breidablik finished the season in style! The team took 2nd place with 35 points in 22 matches and a spot in the Europa League qualifying rounds in 2013. This will be the 3rd time in 4 years Breidablik plays qualifying matches in European Championships.

Post season: Two players were signed. Iceland’s National Team goal keeper, Gunnleifur Gunnleifsson, transferred from FH Hafnarfjordur and signed a 3 year contract with the club. Striker Ellert Hreinsson re-signed with Breidablik after several years studying abroad and playing for Stjarnan in Gardabaer. At the club’s annual meeting in February 2013, Borghildur Sigurdardottir was elected Chairman for Breiðabliks Football Division. Borghildur is the first woman to be elected for that position in the club’s 55 year history.



The 2011 season was not as joyful for the team and its fans. The pressure on the players and the group around them seemed to too wear them down. In addition 5 players from the team were in the squad in the U-21 National team that played in the European Final in Denmark in June. This seemed to disrupt the concentration of many of the players. Finally Breidablik ended in 6th place which in a historical context was not so bad. But considering that the team was trying to defend a title the result was a disappointment for everybody around the team. During the summer the team also met the experienced Norwegian club Rosenberg in the European Championship Cup. Breidablik lost the first leg in Throndheim 5:0 but came back in the return leg and won 2:0.



Premier League Winners 2010

The year 2010 was indeed very exciting for the team. With almost all of its players coming from the youth division and with the average age of its players with less than 22 years Breidablik won the Icelandic Championship for the first time. After the season the top scorer Alfred Finnbogason was selected the best player in the Icelandic top league and his fellow teammate Kristinn Steindorsson the most promising player. This good result of the team was not unnoticed by many European Clubs. Finnbogason was signed by the Belgian club Lokeren and other followed in pursuit.



FA Cup Winners 2009

In 2009 the club finally won its first major trophy, The Icelandic Cup. Consequently Breidablik competed in a European competition for the first time in 2010, facing Scottish Premier League side Motherwell in the Europa League. They lost the first leg 1–0 in Scotland, and lost by the same score line in the return leg, meaning that the team lost 2–0 on aggregate.



Like other clubs in Iceland Breidablik was hit by the credit crisis in 2008. Activities were toned down. Coaches and players took a pay cut. Many sponsors pulled back and some sponsors never returned. These were challenging but educational times for the club. But Breidablik was able to make a quick turnaround financially when former player, Gylfi Sigurdsson, was sold form Reading to Hoffenheim FC in Germany. Breiðabliks’ financial situation was secure. The club paid all depts. Breiðabliks’ future was bright, both financially and on the pitch. 

Players transfers (sold/loan/other) from Breidablik 1980-2021:


Árni Vilhjálmsson - Rodez AF

Ágúst Orri Þorsteinsson - Malmö FF

Ásgeir Galdur Guðmundsson -  FC Köbenhavn


Benoný Breki Andrésson - Bologna

Birkir Jakob Jónsson - Atalanta

Brynjólfur Andersen Willumsson - Kristiansund


Gísli Gottskálk Þórðarson - Bologna (loan)

Hlynur Freyr Karlsson - Bologna (loan)

Anton Logi Lúðvíksson - SPAL (loan) / Breiðablik

Kristian Nökkvi Hlynsson - Ajax


Kolbeinn Þórðarson - Lommel

Aron Bjarnason - Újpest / Valur (loan) / IK Sirius

Jonathan Hendrickx - Lommel / KA

Willum Þór Willumsson - BATE Borisov

Davíð Kristján Ólafsson - Álasund

Andri Fannar Baldursson - Bologna

Gísli Eyjólfsson - Mjallby AIF(loan) / Breidablik

Danijel Dejan Djuric - Midtjylland 


Patrik S. Gunnarsson - Brentford

Elías Rafn Ólafsson - Midtjylland

Sveinn Aron Guðjohnsen - Spezia / Ravenna (loan)

Nikola Dejan Djuric - Midtjylland


Ágúst Eðwald Hlynsson - Norwich / Bröndby / Víkingur R.

Alfons Sampsted - Norrköping / Bodö/Glimt

Arnór Borg Guðjonsen - Swansea / Fylkir

Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson - Halmstad / Breidablik


Árni Vilhjalmssom - Lillestöm / Jönköpings Söndra / Termalica Nieciecza / Chornomorets Odesa (loan) / Kolos Kovalivka


Kristinn Jónsson - Brommapojkarna / Sarpsborg / Breiðablik / KR

Þórður S. Hreidarsson - FC Locarno / Valur / Þór / Augnablik / Breiðablik /

Finnur Orri Margeirsson - FH / Lilleström / KR


Alexander H. Sigurðarson - AZ Alkmaar / Breiðablik 

Viktor Karl Einarsson - AZ Alkmaar / IFK Varnamo / Breiðablik

Sverrir Ingi Ingason - Viking FK / Lokeren / Granada / Rostov / PAOK


Gunnlaugur H. Birgisson - Club Brugge / Breidablik  / Víkingur Ó / Víkingur R.

Guðmundur Kristjánsson - IK Start / FH

Adam Örn Arnarson - NEC Nijmegen / FC Nordsjælland / Aalesund / Górnik Zabrze / Tromsø


Elfar Freyr Helgason - AEK / Stabaek / Randers / Breidablik  / Horsens (loan) / Breidablik 

Arnór Aðalsteinsson - Hönefoss / Breiðablik / KR

Oliver Sigurjónsson - AGF / Breidablik (loan) / Bodø Glimt / Breidablik 

Kristinn Steindórsson - Halmstad B K/ Columbus Crew / GIF Sundsvall / FH / Breiðablik 


Alfreð Finnbogason - Lokeren  /Helsingborg  / Heerenveen / Real Sociedad / Olympiacos / Augsburg 

Guðmann Þórisson - Nybergsund  / FH / Mjallby AIF / KA  / FH 


Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson - AZ Alkmaar / Charlton / Burnley

Magnús Páll Gunnarsson - Hammer SPVG / Vikingur R.


Viktor Unnar Illugason - Reading / Valur / Selfoss / Haukar  /Þrottur / HK / Þrottur / Kórdrengir


Gylfi Sigurdsson - Reading / Hoffenheim / Tottenham / Swansea / Everton


Hákon Sverrisson - Holstein Kiel / Breidablik / Ýmir / Augnablik

Marel Johann Baldvinsson - Stabæk / Lokeren / Breidablik / Molde FK / Breidablik / Valur / Stjarnan


Kristófer Sigurgeirsson - Vastra Frölunda / Breiðablik / Fram / Aris Saloniki / Ethnikos Piraeus / Fram / Breiðabliks / Fram / Fjölnir

Arnar Grétarsson - Rangers (loan) / Leiftur / AEK Athens / Lokeren / Breidablik / Augnablik


Sigurjón Kristjansson - Campinense / Keflavik / Valur / Boom FC / Valur

Trausti Ómarsson - Campinense / Víkingur R. / Selfoss / Víkingur R.

Guðmundur Baldursson - Senglia Athletic

Helgi Bentsson - SC Sönnern


Einar Þórhallsson - Skövde AIK

Benedikt Guðmundsson - Vetlanda GIF


Sigurdur Grétarsson - 08 Homburg / TeBe Berlin / Irakis / Luzern / Grasshoppers / Valur / Breidablik

The Board, coaches and staff

Coach (men): Óskar Hrafn Þorvaldsson 2020

General Secretary:  Eysteinn Petur Larusson - Mailing address; Breidablik Knattspyrnudeild, Dalsmara 5, 201 Kopavogur, Iceland.

Manager: Sigurdur Hlidar Runarsson - Mailing address; Breidablik Knattspyrnudeild, Dalsmara 5, 201 Kopavogur, Iceland.

Chairman: Flosi Eiríksson -

Deputy chairman: Helgi Adalsteinsson -

Cashier: Halldor Arnarsson -

Other Board Members: Flosi Eiriksson - - Bjarni Bergsson - - Ingibjorg Audur Gudmundsdottir -

Chairman of the Senior Mens A team: Bjarni Bergsson -

Chairman of the Youth Division: Johann Thor Jonsson -

Director of Football - Olafur H. Kristjansson -

- Youth Coaching: Hakon Sverrisson -

- Elite Development: Ulfar Hinriksson -

Referees: Snorri Pall Einarsson -

Old-boys 30+: Ivar Sigurjonsson -

Old-boys 40+: Heidar Heidarsson -

Old-boys 50+: Andres Petursson -

Official Supporters webpage ( and social media: , Andres Petursson - , Petur Omar Agustsson -

Mens team position from beginning

Úrvalsdeild (Premier League): 20222021, 20202019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1992, 1991, 1986, 1984, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1980, 1978, 1977, 1976, 1973, 1972, 1971

1st Division: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1998, 1997, 1993, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1985, 1979, 1975, 1974, 1970, 1969, 1968, 1967, 1966, 1965, 1964, 1963, 1962, 1961, 1960, 1957

Úrvalsdeild (Premier League) winners: 2010

Úrvalsdeild (Premier League) runners-up: 2021, 2019, 2018, 2015, 2012

Bikarkeppni KSÍ (FA Cup) winners: 2009

Bikarkeppni KSÍ (FA Cup) runners-up: 2018, 1971

Deildabikarinn (League-cup) winners: 2014, 2013

Deildarbikarinn (League-cup) runners-up: 2010, 2009, 1996

Fó Mót (Pre season cup) winners: 2021, 2019, 2015, 2013, 2012

Meistarkeppnin (Super Cup) runners-up: 2011, 2010

UEFA Europa Leauge & Champions Leauge:

2022 Europa Conference Leauge (Sambandsdeild) - 1st qualifying round: UE Santa Coloma

2021 Europa Conference Leauge (Sambandsdeild) - 1st qualifying round: Racing Union. 2nd qualifying round: Austria Wien. 3rd qualifying round: Aberdeen FC.

2020 Europa Leauge (Evrópudeild) - 1st qualifying round: Rosenborg BK.

2019 Europa Leauge (Evrópudeild)  - 1st qualifying round: Vaduz. 

2016 Europa Leauge (Evrópudeild) - 1st qualifying round: Jelgava

2013 Europa Leauge (Evrópudeild) - 1st qualifying round: FC Santa Coloma. 2nd qualifying round: Sturm Graz. 3rd qualifying round: FC Aktobe.

2011 Champions League (Meistaradeild) - 2nd qualifyng round: Rosenborg BK.

2010 Europa Leauge (Evrópudeild) - 2nd qualifying round: Motherwell FC.

Player records

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Most goals for Breidablik in the Premier Division: Kristinn Steindórsson

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